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July 21st, 2012 Results

Brody Roa wins the All Coast Challenge Race #2.

Brody Roa wins the All Coast Challenge Race #2.

Joshua Vogt wins another IMCA Modified Feature.

Wally Pankratz wins his second in a row Ford Focus Feature and third for the year..

Jess Carlucci wins the Sport Compact Main.

Danny Elderbaum wins the Open Quad Main.

Troy Slayton wins the Sportsman Quad Main.

(Oxnard, CA, Cliff Morgan, 7/23/12) The second All Coast Challenge race of the 2012 season had it all! Great weather, great racing, great purse, very good car count, great drivers and great food thanks to race sponsor Mike Grosswendt and his All Coast Construction BBQ crew who fed all pit pass holders. The night was one that saw full pits made up of the 33 sprints, 19 modifieds, Sport Compacts, Ford Focus and a good turn out of quad racers.

Brody Roa returned to Ventura Raceway driving the 04 Hubcap Mike Sprint Car and showed why he has become one of the best young racers in the west by taking the 30 lap feature. Roa who began his sprint car career at Ventura Raceway has moved on to the USAC/CRA 410 series full time but came out Saturday and showed all in attendance how he has matured into a fine driver. From his second row starting position he ran a strong race chasing another fine young driver, Johnathan Henry, who led the first 23 laps. Roa took the lead on lap 24 and led to the flag to claim the $2,500 winnerís check and the All Coast Challenge trophy. Cory Kruseman who had started 8th put pressure on Roa towards the end of the race, but was not able to get by and finished second. Third through fifth went to Johnathan Henry, Ryan Bernal and Tom Hendrick. All Coast Challenge race one winner Mike Spencer finished 8th and retains a 10 point lead in this series within a series over Cory Kruseman and a 50 point lead over Troy Rutherford who finished 12th Saturday as they look forward to the final race in the series to be held on November 10. With a great car count of 33 sprinters there were four heat races run with wins going to Ryan Bernal in the Extreme Muffler Heat One, Brandon Thomson in the LRB Heat Two, Brian Camarillo in the BR Motorsports Heat Three and Mike Spencer in the Kaeding Performance Heat Four. A 16 car semi main was also run with Justin Kierce taking the win over his dad Kevin Kierce. All the drivers who competed in the race Saturday night want to thank Mike Grosswendt and All Coast Construction for making this race possible. Not only did they add to the purse allowing for a $2,500 to win and $400.00 to start payday but they also put on a great BBQ for pit pass holders.

IMCA Modifieds also returned to action on Saturday night with a full field of 19 cars in attendance. Three heat races were run with wins going to Danny Lauer in the Extreme Muffler Heat One, Joshua Vogt in the Speedway Engineering Heat Two and Austin Rodarte in the Roper Fabrication and Design Heat Three. The nineteen cars started the race with Brad Prows leading the first 5 laps only to be passed by Joshua Vogt who then led to the finish. The race was marred by several spin that caused multi car crashes and led to the race being called on lap 17 due to curfew. Following Vogt to the finish were Nick Sylvester, point leader Jack Parker, Tom Topping and Brad Prows. These racers will return to action on August 2 at the Ventura County Fair.

Wally Pankratz made it two feature wins in a row with his win in the VRA Focus Midget race. He also took their heat race win. Following Pankratz across the line in the 20 lap main event were Cory Elliot, Austin Blair and Parker Colston. Going into their August 1 Ventura County Fair race Pankratz leads Colston by 45 points in the season point's race.

VRA Sport Compact point leader Jess Carlucci increased his point lead to 45 points over Zack Peterson by taking the 20 lap main event Saturday night over Peterson, James Adler, Heath Morton and John Butcher. Zack Peterson took win in their one heat race. These racers will also be at the Fair on Wednesday
August 1.

Our new VRA Quad Division was well represented by 4 quads in the Sportsman lass and 8 quads in the Open Class. Wins in heat races went to Robert Peterson in the Sportsman Class and Micheal Zavala in the Open Class. The Sportsman class ran a 12 lap main event with the win going to Troy Slayton over Ryan Perry, Brian Hudnell and Robert Peterson. In the 15 lap open Class main event the win went to Danny Elderbaum over Matt Williams, Raygen Harris, Dave Knight and Kyle Eurto.

Venture Raceway will now be dark until Wednesday and Thursday, August 1st and 2nd when we will; have two days of exciting motorsports events at the 2012 Ventura County Fair. The two days will see VRA Midgets, Focus Midgets, Sport Compacts Go Karts and a Demolition Derby on Wednesday and IMCA Modifieds, VRA Dwarf Cars, Junior Midgets, Mini Dwarf Cars and a Demolition Derby on Thursday.


Ventura Raceway Race Results for 07/21/2012
VRA Sprint Cars

Race #8 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Brody Roa, Buena Park, 30 Laps; 2. Cory Kruseman, Ventura, 30 Laps; 3. Johnathon Henry, Stockton, 30 Laps; 4. Ryan Bernal, Hollister, 30 Laps; 5. Tom Hendricks, Simi Valley, 30 Laps; 6. Brian Camarillo, Camarillo, 30 Laps; 7. Brandon Thomson, Ventura, 30 Laps; 8. Mike Spencer, Temecula, 30 Laps; 9. Zach Sawyers, Phoenix, Az, 30 Laps; 10. Kyle Smith, Moorpark, 30 Laps; 11. Richard McCormick, Aqua Dulce, 30 Laps; 12. Troy Rutherford, Ojai, 30 Laps; 13. Kevin Kierce, Reseda, 30 Laps; 14. Kenny Perkins, Victorville, 30 Laps; 15. Clark Templeman III, Santa Clarita, 30 Laps; 16. Jeff Fillingame, Santa Paula, 30 Laps; 17. Derek Buckley, Ojai, 29 Laps; 18. Justin Kierce, Reseda, 16 Laps; 19. Ronnie Case, Camarillo, 16 Laps; 20. John Nock, Newhall, 15 Laps; 21. Mike Trottochau, Acton, 9 Laps
Lap Leaders: Johnathon Henry (1-23), Brody Roa (24-30)

Heat Race Winners: Extreme Mufflers Heat 1: Ryan Bernal; LRB Manufacturing Heat 2: Brandon Thomson; BR Motorsports Heat 3: Brian Camarillo; Kaeding Performance Heat 4: Mike Spencer

Weld Racing Hard Charger: Kyle Smith
DJ Safety Hard Luck: Mike Trottochau

Top 10 in points: 1. Kyle Smith, 1610; 2. Brian Camarillo, 1430; 3. Clark Templeman III, 1405; 4. Tom Hendricks, 1370; 5. John Nock, 1325; 6. Bruce Douglass, 910; 7. Troy Rutherford, 870; 8. Richard Ortega Jr, 715; 9. Jeremy Ellertson, 705; 10. Jeff Fillingame, 695

All Coast Challenge Top 10 in points: 1. Mike Spencer, 440; 2. Cory Kruseman, 430; 3. Troy Rutherford, 390; 4. Tom Hendricks, 360; 5. Brian Camarillo, 355; 6. Kyle Smith, 350; 7. Johnathon Henry, 325; 8. Zach Sawyers, 305; 9. Brody Roa, 250; 9. Clark Templeman III, 250

IMCA Modifieds
Race #8 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Joshua Vogt, Santa Maria, 17 Laps; 2. Nick Sylvester, Bakersfield, 17 Laps; 3. Jack Parker, Simi Valley, 17 Laps; 4. Tom Topping, Eagle Rock, 17 Laps; 5. Brad Prows, Oak View, 17 Laps; 6. Steve Worstell, 17 Laps; 7. Frank Nyback, Santa Maria, 17 Laps; 8. Mark Davis, Ventura, 17 Laps; 9. Joey Yantis, Bakersfield, 17 Laps; 10. Randy Gens, Oxnard, 17 Laps; 11. Aaron Rodarte, Ventura, 15 Laps; 12. Steve Bulpitt, Culver City, 14 Laps; 13. James Stowe, Rosamond, 12 Laps; 14. Ryan Lauer, Santa Maria, 12 Laps; 15. Rob Green, Ojai, 9 Laps; 16. Dennis Eckert, Canyon Country, 9 Laps; 17. Austin Rodarte, Ventura, 5 Laps; 18. Danny Lauer, Nipomo, 4 Laps; 19. Wayne Heurung, Ventura, 1 Lap
Lap Leaders: Brad Prows (1-5), Joshua Vogt (6-17)

Heat Race Winners: Extreme Mufflers Heat 1: Danny Lauer; Speedway Engineering Heat 2: Joshua Vogt; Roper Fabrication and Design Heat 3: Austin Rodarte

Oldies Speed Shop Hard Charger: Steve Worstell
Oldies Speed Shop Hard Luck: Danny Lauer

Top 10 in points: 1. Jack Parker, 293; 2. Brad Prows, 278; 3. Mark Davis, 260; 4. Wayne Heurung, 255; 5. Chuck Costabile, 218; 6. Steve Bulpitt, 177; 7. Tom Topping, 170; 8. Austin Rodarte, 167; 9. Aaron Rodarte, 165; 10. Joshua Vogt, 157

VRA Sport Compacts
Race #6 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Jess Carlucci, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 2. Zachary Peterson, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 3. James Adler, 20 Laps; 4. Heath Morton, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 5. John Butcher, Santa Barbara, 20 Laps; 6. Brad Long, Burbank, 19 Laps
Lap Leaders: Jess Carlucci (1-12), Zachary Peterson (13-17), Jess Carlucci (18-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Zachary Peterson

Top 10 in points: 1. Jess Carlucci, 1350; 2. Zachary Peterson, 1305; 3. James Adler, 1275; 4. Brad Long, 1125; 5. John Butcher, 1065; 6. Michaela Stanton, 850; 7. Heath Morton, 565; 8. Trevor Fitzgibbon, 520; 9. Bud Crudo, 315; 10. Martin Nehring, 235

Ford Focus
Race #6 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Wally Pankratz, Orange, 20 Laps; 2. Cory Elliot, Bakersfield, 20 Laps; 3. Austin Blair, 20 Laps; 4. Parker Colston, Lake Elsinor, 20 Laps; 5. Christine Breckenridge, Irvine, 20 Laps; 6. Zack Bogner, 20 Laps; 7. Michael Steele, Palmdale, 20 Laps; 8. Ashley Hazelton, Northridge, 9 Laps
Lap Leaders: Austin Blair (1-14), Wally Pankratz (15-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Wally Pankratz

Top 10 in points: 1. Wally Pankratz, 1155; 2. Parker Colston, 1110; 3. Ashley Hazelton, 870; 4. Michael Steele, 840; 5. Christine Breckenridge, 800; 6. Brennan Rogers, 790; 7. Cole Custer, 705; 8. Austin Blair, 580; 9. Cory Elliot, 465; 10. Leroy Anderson, 395

VRA Quads Open
Race #6 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Danny Elderbaum, 12 Laps; 2. Matt Williams, Oakview, 12 Laps; 3. Raygen Harris, 12 Laps; 4. Dave Knight, 12 Laps; 5. Kyle Eurto, 12 Laps; 6. Michael Garcia, Leyton, CA, 12 Laps; 7. Chris Kirkley, 12 Laps; 8. Michael Zavala, 10 Laps

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Michael Zavala

Top 10 in points: 1. Dave Knight, 1410; 2. Matt Williams, 1245; 3. Chris Kirkley, 365; 4. Mike Lewis, 260; 5. Danny Elderbaum, 245; 6. Terry Nichols, 215; 7. Raygen Harris, 205; 8. Kyle Eurto, 180; 8. Michael Zavala, 180; 10. Michael Garcia, 165

VRA Quads Sportsman
Race #2 07/21/2012

Main Event Results: 1. Troy Slayton, 12 Laps; 2. Ryan Perry, Bakersfield, 12 Laps; 3. Brian Hudnell, 15 Laps; 4. Robert Peterson, 15 Laps

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Robert Peterson

Top 10 in points: 1. Brian Hudnell, 470; 2. Troy Slayton, 250; 3. Ryan Perry, 235; 4. Robert Peterson, 215


1 Wednesday: VRA Midgets (ARP Battle at the Beach #3), Sport Compacts, Focus Midgets, Go Karts & Demolition Derby
2 Thursday: IMCA Modifieds, Dwarf Cars, Junior Midgets, Mini Dwarf & Demolition Derby
25 VRA Midgets (ARP Battle at the Beach #4), IMCA Modifieds, Sport Compacts, QRC Karts & Go Karts

1 Motorcycles & Quads (Oval & Motocross tracks)
8 VRA Sprints, Senior Sprints, Dwarf Cars, Focus Midgets & Go Karts
15 VRA Midgets, IMCA Modifieds, Sport Compacts, NMRA TQ Midgets, QRC Karts & Quads
22 VRA Sprints, Dwarf Cars, Mod Lites, California Lightning Sprints, Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs
VRA Midgets (ARP Battle at the Beach Final), Senior Sprints, IMCA Modifieds & Sport Compacts

VRA Midgets, Senior Sprints (John Jewett Memorial), Dwarf Cars, Mod Lites, Go Karts, Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs
27 VRA Sprints, Senior Sprints, Dwarf Cars, Sport Compacts, Mod Lites, Quads, Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs

3 Motorcycles & Quads (Oval & Motocross tracks)
10 VRA Sprints (All Coast Challenge #3),Dwarf Cars, Focus Midgets & Go Karts

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